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Albanian Medical Tourism Agency is a service agent facilitator dedicated to the healthcare needs of foreign citizens, who are travelling to Albania for medical or wellness treatments.


We are committed to found the first reliable source of information for medical tourism retreat in Albania. To the surprise of many, Albania has a lot to offer in the field, from top specialists in various fields of medicine, to the highest standards of clinics. Our team is strives for excellence and we believe that specialized medical care should be accessible to everyone. AMTA is established with the purpose of helping you encounter modern facilities, top rated experts and professional medical service, without the hassle of waiting lists.


We have identified and partnered with the best Albanian and international experts in the fields of plastic surgery, dentistry, orthopaedic, hair transplant etc. Did you know that most of the professionals working in the Albanian health care system have studied and practiced in the best medical schools of the world? Currently, many of our doctors are requested from the most reputable hospitals in Europe, Turkey and the US. In Albania you would get high quality medical treatment by foreign doctors, coming from Europe or else, with local competitive prices. When it comes to combining medical care, the best experts available and high-quality services with the most competitive prizes, Albania is second to none.


Our team is proud to be in close collaboration with the most well-known and reputable clinics and hospitals in Albania, providing high-quality care in the best and most comfortable environments.

If you are traveling anywhere abroad for medical treatment, we are happy to answer any questions if feeling insecure and help you figure out if Albania is the right choice for your health needs. We will provide you with transparent and adequate information so that you can be absolutely sure before purchasing your ticket. We would like you to feel free to just drop us a call or write us an e-mail and we will be there to assist you with any questions you might have.


Beside quality and assurance, Albanian Medical Tourism Agency is aware that price transparency and the financial budget for your trip are very important. We work closely with medical specialists to be explicit on the prices of the procedures needed for your full treatment and our financial department will prepare each preventive individually. We will make sure the only surprises you have are pleasant ones!


Medical Albania


For the last 20 years, Albania has been going through a full healthcare reform. Scaling up healthcare services and continuously improving itself, Albania's private medical infrastructure is now a well-built option in the global medical tourism arena. Today in Albania you get your treatment from international doctors, in modern private clinics, divisions of well-known hospitals in Europe. Albanian doctors, with a world-class portfolio of experience, have not only created a unique opportunity for local patients but also for global healthcare seekers. With Albanian Medical Tourism Agency- AMTA, you can discover the highest quality of medical service at local prices.

Launching the first Medical Tourism Facilitator in Albania, our goal is to promote Albanian medical tourism worldwide; founding a reliable service agency to guide patients towards an alternative healthcare with European standards and competitive prices, offering personalized assistance to guarantee patient’s trust and satisfaction.

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