Hygiene & Prophoylaxis


Prophylaxis is the medical term for dental cleaning. It is part of your dental checkup routine and crucial to be performed twice a year. Dentists recommend this simple procedure as a major part of your oral health care. It is necessary to prevent gum disease, cavities and even tooth loss. In many cases, as easy as it may seem, prophylaxis prevents the need for costly procedures.






It is never too late for braces. Fixed, invisible or movable braces, made from the highest quality materials, are suitable for patients of all ages. The modern technology makes the procedure much easier than ever before, focusing on the patient’s comfort and well-being.

Conservative Dentistry


Our dentists provide continuous care for natural teeth, their restoration to their previous shape and function with the most up-to-date techniques. Current developments in the field encourage minimally invasive, preventive and therapeutic procedures.

A beautiful smile is your lifetime accessory, something to make everyone’s day better.  You can rely on our experts to take care of your dental health and appearance.

Our partners offer the highest quality services, supported by top quality materials, in the fields of endodontics (Root canal therapy, study of dental pulp diseases),oral and maxillofacial pathology/ surgery, orthodontics (straightening of teeth), periodontics and esthetics's dentistry; to only name a few.

Endodontics – root canal treatment


Nowadays, losing a tooth is an extreme and unnecessary option. There are many modern surgical procedures performed to preserve a tooth. Magnificent advancement in the root canal treatment procedures has introduced the possibility of locating small fractures and hidden canals not detectable by x-rays or removing calcium deposits in root canals. Highly developed techniques performed by our specialists have noticeably enhanced the satisfaction of the patient.

Teeth Whitening


Everybody wants to have a bright white smile. Many foods and beverages consumed every day, such as coffee, wine and colorful fruits can affect your natural white sparkle. Take your time, relax and trust our partners with highly safe tooth whitening procedures, protecting your gums and oral soft tissues.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery


Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery is a combination of medicine and dentistry. It focuses on the diagnosis, surgical treatment and management of jaws and face disorders.

Prosthodontics & Dental Implants


Despite continuous dental care, many of us suffer the effects of dental loss. With the assistance of our expert prosthodontists, all your concerns are gone. We offer a comprehensive service, from crowns, bridges, full or partial dentures to dental implants, so you can regain the confidence in your smile.

Natural looking implants for missing teeth are widely preferred. Dental implants are replacement tooth roots, providing a strong foundation for permanent or removable teeth. They are made to match natural teeth, offering a long lasting splendid smile.




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