The National Conference of Medical Sciences

The "National Conference of Medical Sciences" has successfully completed its meetings on date 01/12/2014 at the Conference Hall of the Tirana International Hotel. This was the first conference of a group of national meetings, organized by the University of Medicine, Tirana (UMT) and was principally focused on the national research in the medical sciences.

This conference was honored with the participation of the Deputy Minister of Education and Sports Nora Malaj, the Deputy Minister of Health Milva Ekonomi, the Rector of the University of Medicine, Tirana Jera Kruja, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Bajram Hysa, the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Chairman of the Conference Xheladin Draçini and Co-chairman Mr. Gentjan Asllanaj, President of Students Council of the University of Medicine, Tirana.

The "National Conference of Medical Sciences" is the recent product of knowledge and study at the University of Medicine, Tirana, conducted in various areas of scientific research. It was an important step towards a scientific overview  and the main task of the conference was to review the Professors and Scholars research work at this first conference issued with a strong statement on novel knowledge.


This section aims to develop methodology and to assess the amount of research activity and physicians everyday work on patients, and also to undertake epidemiological research on physical activity using these newly developed methods. Increasing numbers of people with different diseases and syndromes have become a significant social problem in the Republic of Albania, due to the change of lifestyle in the population and these diseases directly affect the healthy life expectancy. The Departments of the University of Medicine, Tirana undertakes constant research to explore scientific evidence for prevention of lifestyle-related diseases and effective methods of treatments.

During the two days of the conference were presented 28 scientific papers and the Scientific Committee that evaluated the scientific work of the conference was comprised of eleven well-known Professors of the University of Medicine, Tirana: Prof. Dr. Jera Kruja, Prof. Asc. Arben Beqiri, Prof. Asc. Arvin Dibra, Prof. Dr. Bajram Hysa, Prof. Dr.  Genc Burazeri, Prof. Dr. Hektor Sula, Phd. Laert Berdica, Phd. Rudin Domi, Prof. Dr. Rushdie Qafmolla, Prof. Asc. Suela Këlliçi, Prof. Dr. Xheladin Draçini. This event brought together multiple disciplines, primarily in the medical fields of surgery, oncology, neurology, urology, pharmacy and public health and dental disciplines. The conference was accredited by the National Agency of Continuing Education (NACE) and gave to national participants the opportunity to benefit of 8 formative credits for passive attending and 12 for referees.

The University of Medicine, Tirana is thankful to all the structures, the Brainstorm Organization, the Faculty of Medicine and the University Students' Council, for the close cooperation and precious involvement in the organization of the conference. The conference was also supported by the Ministry of Education and Sports and the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Albania. A special thank is directed to the Organizing Staff, the Scientific Committee, Professors, Young Professionals and Students of the University of Medicine, Tirana that participated in the two days of the conference. The University of Medicine, Tirana is a constant promotor and organizer of many scientific conferences, and participates with full committment in the implementation of innovative projects for health-care policy and research.