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Step by Step towards

Albanian Medical Tourism

  • 1. Your one-step info

    Explore Albanian Medical Tourism Agency website and discover about healthcare tourism in Albania. Look for the procedure you are interested in and spend a little time on our website to learn more about medical travel, the doctors and facilities in Albania. If you have any questions, we are always happy to assist, send us an e-mail at

  • 2. Fill in quotation form

    Select your desired procedure and take one minute to fill in the quotation form. From the moment we have your request, you will be provided with full support of our services. At first you will receive an itemized quote that illustrates the referral price for your treatment, travel and accommodation. The initial information pack we send, will allow you to learn more about the doctor that will assist you, the hospital or clinic where you will be treated and the accommodation premises options.

  • 3. Let's discuss your needs

    In order to get better acquainted, your Albanian Medical Tourism Agency representative will suggest a second consultation to discuss your physical needs, your concerns, your emotional approach and mental attitude, your budget, time-frame and if appropriate, the next steps. This discussion will help us determine if medical retreat in Albania is right for you and based on your needs, together we will agree on the best overall value.

  • 4. Share your medical records

    Once you decide to be part of medical retreat process offered by Albanian Medical Tourism Agency, a personal representative of AMTA will be assigned to you. He/she shall begin the process evaluating discussed conditions, to design the most suitable treatment and accommodation options for you. It is very important that together, we identify exactly what you are your needs are at this time. Potential changes to your requested treatment plan could complicate matters and delay arrangements. Our commitment is to best to identify your needs precisely and therefore move forward.

    For many medical procedures, the doctor will require to see your medical records, such as transcripts, X-rays, MRIs photos, etc. Our job is to make facilitate connection between you and the specialist. You will receive a Medical Questionnaire via e-mail and your response will be shared you’re your potential medical specialist. All your records will be screened by the doctor who will provide in writing any advice or further recommended tests. For your peace of mind, the designated doctor will determine whether it is appropriate for you to travel to Albania for your desired treatment and all pro-active measures or actions to be taken before travel.

    To ensure your total privacy, this process is absolutely secure and in compliance with our Privacy Policy provisions. You will be kindly asked to sign an Authorization Release Form with the purpose of allowing us to share your information with the clinic where you will receive your treatment.

    Online Meeting with your doctor

    If you wish to have an online conversation with your chosen specialist, please let us know and we can arrange a free online call. Generally these calls are made in the late evening or early morning hours, depending on the doctor’s schedule. Please note: Depending on the surgeon’s hours of operation, this may be difficult to schedule. We highly recommend to always make use of emails, as a mean of communication, as the fastest way of getting your answers.

  • 5. Planning your medical tour

    We absolutely stand for making you feel at home, when in Albania. For you to have the best accommodation and a pleasant stay; we propose top quality hotels with competitive prices and we will suggest you the hotels we have partnered with. These facilities offer not only quality relaxation time but also high mobility, being close to our partner clinics. Due to the geographic position you will have the possibility to explore our capital Tirana, the closest costal city Durres and other nearby touristic sites. Anyhow, please feel free to share your desires and we will offer multiple options for you to choose from.

    Receive a detailed price preventive for procedure(s) and accommodations

    After together we have chosen the best options for you, in terms of treatment and stay, you will receive an detailed price preventive with clear separate items stating the exact cost for you.

    Deposit funds into Albanian Medical Tourism Agency Account

    For your safety, the medical procedures, hotel and other activities you wish to endeavour in Albania, will be paid directly at the facilities upon your arrival. To secure your booking, only a small portion of the total cost will be requested upfront. This is to be paid directly to our bank account through a secure link provided by BKT Bank. This way, you will only pay for the services you will use.

  • 6. Confirm your itinerary

    At this stage, your medical travel to Albania is well designed and we are ready for scheduling your arrival and stay. We do not offer Air Travel booking, but we certainly can help you chose the best option for you, completely free of charge.

    Please bear in mind that we have to simultaneously a) Book your procedure with the doctor, b) Book your hotel and c) coordinate with you on your overseas travel. Many of our doctors have a busy schedule, performing surgeries and consultations around Europe, especially when you choose a foreign specialist (Italian, German, Greek, Turkish, French etc.). Very careful scheduling must be performed at this time and your cooperation is really important to us.

    Make the most of your travel experience

    Many of the medical tourism treatments allow patients to enjoy some good touristic time. In Albania you will find a land to discover. Share your interests with us so we can arrange with our partner Tourist Agencies your desired excursion. Whether you like archaeology, a weekend at the seashore or the breeze of the mountains, you will enjoy every hour of your stay in Albania.

  • 7. Welcome on arrival

    At the moment you arrive at Mother Theresa Airport in Tirana, you will be greeted by one of our drivers that will escort you to your hotel. If you wish, a local Mobile SIM card will be handed to you so you can always stay connected with your family and friends without having to spend in Roaming.

    At the hotel lobby, one of AMTA representatives will meet you and provide you once again with all information on your stay in Albania, in person. Let us have a tea and get to know each other.

  • 8. Meet and greet your doctor

    Within 24 hours of your arrival, you will be accompanied to visit your doctor’s office (at the respective clinic or hospital) for a pre-treatment consultation. Here, medical transcripts will be reviewed and additional tests conducted, to confirm that you are ready for your procedure.

  • 9. Personalized assistance

    Our doctors are multilingual and it will be very easy for you to discuss all your concerns. If you wish to be accompanied by an AMTA dedicated representative during the entire time of your stay, we will be pleased to offer you such service. We encourage you to make your desires known at any time.

  • 10. Post treatment recuperation

    After your successful procedure, when the doctor is satisfied with your condition, you will be released from the hospital or clinic and driven to your accommodation facility for the recuperation process. For dental procedures, recuperation time is quite quick and you will be able to relax in your hotel every night. During this time, please feel free to request any assistance from your AMTA representative, your hospital or hotel staff.

    Explore Albania

    After recuperating, and your doctor is satisfied with your progress, you can enjoy the touristic attractions that Albania offers. If you have previously chosen to have an excursion with one of our partner Tour Agencies, load of fun and fascinating experience awaits for you.

    Take also in consideration the SPAs or thermal baths for a relaxing, natural curative time with very competitive prices.

  • 11. Return home

    Upon your arrival home, your AMTA representative will make sure you always stay in contact with us and your doctor. We strive for a long-lasting relationship with our patients and continuous connection.




procedure name

Price in UK

Price in Germany

Price in Italy

Price in Poland

Price in Turkey

Price in Albania

Dental Implant

3400 - 3800 €

2000 - 2500 €

1500 €

800 - 900 €

900 - 1100 €

500 €

Dental Crown

450 - 550 €

300 - 500 €

500 €

150 - 200 €

250 - 350 €

150 - 200 €

Plastic Breast Enlargement

5500 - 6000 €

5200 - 5800 €

5800 - 6800 €

2300 - 2500 €

3500 €

1500 - 4000 €

Face Lift

6500 - 7200 €

6800 - 7200 €

6000 - 11000 €

2000 - 2500 €

5000 - 6500 €

600 - 1200 €

 Knee arthroscopy

6400 - 6900 €

1400 - 1700 €

1600 €

1200 - 1500 €

2800 €

450 - 1500 €

Knee replacement

11400 - 12000 €

12000 - 20000 €

9200 - 12500 €

4800 - 5200 €

7000 - 11500 €

1500 - 9500 €

Cataract surgery

3500 €

1500 - 1800 €

1400 - 1700 €

1000 €

1100 - 2600 €

500 - 1500 €

Eye Lasik

( per  eye )

1600 - 2100 €

2300 - 6000 €

1600 - 2100 €

1500 - 2200 €

800 €

600 €

The above prices are referral, collected form AMTA research, from European medical tourism operators.

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