Why Albania?

Today in Albania you get your treatment from international doctors, in modern private clinics, divisions of well-known hospitals in Europe. With Albanian Medical Tourism Agency- AMTA, you can discover the highest quality of medical service at local prices.


Albanian Medical Tourism Agency is a medical tourism facilitator dedicated to the healthcare needs of foreigners, who are traveling to Albania for medical or wellness treatments. Our goal is to promote Albanian medical tourism worldwide; founding a reliable service agency to guide patients towards an alternative healthcare, with world-class standards and competitive prices. We have identified and partnered with the best Albanian and international experts in the fields of dentistry, plastic surgery, orthopedic, hair transplant etc. Beside quality assurance, AMTA is attentive to price transparency and the financial budget for your stay in Albania. We work closely with doctors and clinics to be explicit on the costs of your needed medical treatment.

AMTA offers personalized assistance providing you with transparent and adequate information to guarantee your trust and satisfaction.